At Loanintap, we recognize that unforeseen life changes frequently necessitate the need for adaptable financial solutions. We've carefully developed a cancellation policy that emphasizes flexibility and guarantees your peace of mind during your loan journey in order to account for such risks.

- You have ten days starting on the date of loan disbursement to exercise your right to withdraw from the loan without paying any further fees or penalties. This timeline is specifically made to accommodate unanticipated changes in your situation. In the event that it becomes necessary, our committed customer service team is on hand to assist you with the simple cancellation procedure.

- Our method emphasizes openness and ease of use. You will only be required to return the principal loan amount plus any interest that has accumulated up until the cancellation date if you choose to terminate your loan within the allotted ten days. You may be confident that there are no unforeseen or hidden costs associated with this procedure.

- Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of Loanintap's values. We take pride in delivering an easy-to-understand loan application procedure that gives you the knowledge you need to make wise financial decisions. Our helpful and kind staff makes sure that the cancellation process is quick and easy, giving you the freedom to handle your money wisely.

Loanintap continues to be committed to your financial health, making it our top priority. Our unshakable dedication centers on offering steady support and direction at each turn of your financial path. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility you need to make wise financial decisions in addition to the confidence you deserve. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and assets needed to confidently and easily reach your financial objectives.


Loanintap upholds a strong commitment to openness, which includes a refund policy intended to address unintentional overpayments made by our valued clients.

We acknowledge that errors do occur, and you are eligible for a refund if you unintentionally paid more than twice the listed price. Ensuring you are charged fairly and accurately for the services rendered is our main objective.

You may be confident that our committed customer support team will be there to help you when you need it. Just get in touch with us, describe the circumstances, and send along any supporting files that need to be verified. Our procedure quickly starts the payback process to return the extra amount to you as soon as we've verified the overpayment. We place a high priority on your happiness and financial security, and we're dedicated to making sure that all transactions are honest and open.Loanintap's refund policy is only intended to handle unintentional overpayment situations; it does not apply to regular loan repayment situations or scenarios.

At Loanintap, your trust is the foundation of our dedication, and we are incredibly grateful for the faith you have in our abilities. We continue to steadfastly swear to uphold justice and the highest regard for each and every one of our clients during our interactions with you. We work hard to make sure that every facet of our services lives up to this promise, especially when it comes to handling unforeseen circumstances like unintentional overpayments. Your happiness and trust are our top priorities, and we work hard to always provide honest and equitable answers. Please do not hesitate to contact our committed customer service staff with any questions or for more information about our refund policy or any other part of our services. We genuinely care about your happiness and are dedicated to supporting you along your financial journey.

To ensure that you feel supported and educated during your engagement with us, our courteous and professional customer support staff is available to resolve any questions you may have. Our top goal is to ensure your peace of mind, and we work hard to offer thorough support and direction catered to your specific requirements.

We invite you to visit our website for more information or in-depth analysis of our policies. Your comfort and comprehension of our offerings are our top priorities, and we're committed to making sure you have all the information you need to make wise choices.

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We strictly follow the RBI directive and have set up an effective Grievance Redressal Cell to handle and address all manner of grievances. We always endeavour to carry out responsible lending, whereby we give just the loan which we know you will find convenient to pay back, but also recover our dues ethically. We never believe in any manner of high-handed or coercive recovery methods. But in case you have any complaints we will take up the matter seriously and address the issue within 5 working days.

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